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Company Logo

ASTA.TUDE Skin Care Range

ASTA.TUDE was built on the context of BOLD, STRONG and CONFIDENCE.
It means standing out from the crowd and being brave enough to speak your mind and express your individuality.
YES! I will only apply what’s right to my skin and NO! I refuse to accept flaws and mediocrity.
Every individual, one way or the other can relate to what ASTA.TUDE is all about.

Skincare with an ATTITUDE

 (Powered by Astaxanthin)


First of all, ASTA.TUDE is unique brand from Algaetech International Sdn Bhd powered by Astaxanthin. It is especially relevant known as ASTA.TUDE with an attitude for skin care range designed.Hence, our product formulated with ingredients of the highest quality and Astaxanthin. For your information, the aim of our ASTA.TUDE brand is to replenish your skin also protect it from UV radiations.So, due to rejuvenation is our key purpose to make it prove and make your skin more delightful than before. Providing a perfect service to our customers is more than just our purpose. Beside, it is our convenient because our customer is our priority! As our ASTA.TUDE go through your skin, they will not just only nourish. More than that, its also protect you on the outside but also feed the heart and spirit such as boost physical then spiritual wellness.

The name ASTA.TUDE clearly separates ‘Astaxanthin’ and ‘Attitude’. ‘Astaxanthin’ represents its ASTA.TUDE quality and ‘Attitude’ represents individuality by being BOLD, STRONG and CONFIDENT. For kind information, was build on the context of BOLD, STRONG and CONFIDENT. It is a skin care range designed in the best of labs, formulated with ingredients of the highest quality and extracted from the earth’s most ASTA.TUDE apart from the rest is that it combines the elements of the modern lifestyle with a truthful and honest which promotes self-care and well being. We strive to provide our esteemed clients with a ASTA.TUDE brimming with the highest quality natural ingredients which refresh, protect, soothe and rejuvenate the skin day after day after day leaving you looking and feeling radiant.


Algatech International Sdn Bhd have been producing the super anti-oxidant Astaxanthin. For your information, it is under the guidance of Dato Paduka Syed Isa Syed Alwi who founded the company since 2012. Furthermore,it was always Algaetech’s intention to only supply Astaxanthin as raw materials for the nutraceutical industry. Then, Dato was inspired to have value added Astatude using the amazing Astaxanthin.

Launching Product

Successfully launched ASTA.TUDE Anti Aging Skin Range at Sunway Putra Mall. Launch was officiated by MOSTI General Dato Sri Dr Noorul Ainur together with BIOTECHCORP CEO, Dato Nazlee Kamal,SME CORP Dato Hafshah Hashim & Our Brand Ambassadors ( Sharifah Shahirah & Sharifah Norazleenda).

The Birth Of ASTA.TUDE

First of all,it is developed for the international market targeting age groups of 25 and above. Astaxanthin is a known Super Antioxidant obtained from the microalgae ‘Haemotococcus Pluvialis’, a million years old. So, wonder which has stood against the test of the time with high-end essential oils that prevent free radicals our skin causing us to age. Age is inevitable but with Astaxanthin, your skin grows stronger and more resilient. ASTA.TUDE is not your typical skin care where marketing and basic ingredients are what sell not only it does it emphasize on its ASTA.TUDE brand quality, it’s also about representation. Who? and What?

Anti-aging Range


  • Cleansing Milk 100 ML,Retail : RM 109.00
  •  Gel 100 ML,Retail : RM 109.00
  • Toning Lotion 100 ML,Retail : RM 119.00
  • Booster Serum 30 ML,Retail : RM 249.00
  • Day Moistuirizer With SPF 35 50ML, Retail : RM 199.00

Brightening Range


  • Cleansing Milk 100 ML
  • Brighten Cleansing Foam 100 ML
  • Brighten Lotion 100 ML
  • Serum 30 ML
  • Day Moisturizer With SPF 35 50 ML
  • Night Moisturizer 50 ML
  • Spot Corrector 20 ML

Hydrating Range


  • Amino Acids Make Up Remover
  • Refresh Moisturizer
  • Night Mask
  • Recover Essence
  • Repair Cream
  • Sample Pack

Specific Care Range


  • Smoothing Facial Scrub 50 ML
  • Clarifying Mask 50 ML
  • Eye Serum 20 ML