First of all, it is a skin care range. Skin care range designed in the best of labs in Algaetech, formulated with ingredients of the highest quality and extracted . It is extracted from the earth’s most natural resources.


First of all, the Algaetech company is driven by a group of young scientists striving to deliver only the best to our customers. Hence, their continuous R&D and innovative techniques leave the company in safe hands.

High-quality skincare

Firstly, ASTA.TUDE is a high-quality skincare range, after an extensive 10-year research project undertaken by parent company Algaetech International and Premia. Most noteworthy, ASTA.TUDE’s manufacturing process is undertaken without the use of any chemicals, toxic substances or pesticides.

Astatude’s vision

Most noteworthy, we strive to give consumers a one-in-a-lifetime experience packed with life-long skincare potency. By using risk-free products. First of all, we aim to refresh your skin when you wake up. It also protect it from the damage of UV radiations during the day and soothe. Also rejuvenate it while you sleep, leaving it appealing all day long. More importantly, we aim to drive the beauty of your skin deeply into your heart by communicating the core values surrounding the ASTA.TUDE spirit. Most of all, our brand’s main goal is to deliver natural beauty to the customer’s skin through extraordinarily natural and beneficial astaxanthin-based products while communicating values that fill the heart with beauty.

Faces of Astatude



First of all, the name ASTA.TUDE clearly separates ‘Astaxanthin’ and ‘Attitude’. ‘Astaxanthin’ also represents its product quality and ‘Attitude’ represents individuality by being BOLD, STRONG and CONFIDENT.

Besides  that ,it also is a skin care range designed in the best of labs in Algaetech, formulated with ingredients of the highest quality and extracted from the earth’s most natural resources. A product developed for the international market targeting age groups of 25 and above.

Astaxanthin is a also known super antioxidant obtained from the microalgae ‘Haematococcus Pluvialis’, a million year old wonder which has stood against the test of time with high-end essential oils that prevent free radicals attacking our skin causing us to age. As a result, age is inevitable but with Astaxanthin, your skin grows stronger and more resilient.

ASTA.TUDE is not your typical skin care where marketing and basic ingredients are what sell. Not only does it emphasize on its product quality, it’s also about representation. WHO? and WHAT?

It was built on the context of BOLD, STRONG and CONFIDENCE. It means standing out from the crowd and being brave enough to speak your mind and express your individuality. YES! I will only apply what’s right to my skin and NO! I refuse to accept flaws and mediocrity. Every individual, one way or the other can relate to what ASTA.TUDE is all about.

Most brands have stereotyped the image of skincare where we see beautiful models having skin to die for and telling you to buy their products to be beautiful. However, it is a fact that women do not buy what you tell them to, they buy what they want to because they know what makes¬ them beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it is in every way subjective.

We choose to depict the strength and confidence of women simply because to us that is what matters. That is the power of individuality. The power of attitude. The power of ASTA.TUDE.

Skincare with an ATTITUDE